Planned Obsolescence

by Psychic Hotline

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released April 1, 2017

watch "RUSH" music video here:

recorded and produced by PH at Body Systems Corporate Headquarters

mastered by Jasper den Hartigh

"RUSH" produced in collaboration with Oblivia

cover photo by Brian Barbieri with art by Nihil Minus

Lyrics by PH, Softie, Oblivia, Alli Logout, David Wojnarowicz, and Masha Gessen

thank you to Carlos Knoop and The Meat Pie

released by Body Systems Incorporated // April 2017



all rights reserved


Psychic Hotline New Orleans, Louisiana

harsh femme/ fake synth/ "like waking up horny from a nightmare"

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Track Name: Pulse
when you dance do you forget?
crushed by flashing lights
there is anger in your kiss
it's the only thing that keeps me alive

you learned to be somebody else
you could recognize yourself
oh i tried, i tried, i tried, i tried oh

cause in this world
sometimes people
they just wanna shoot you dead
if you don't do it to yourself instead

and i know
despite my best intentions
i could never understand
the nuances of your pain


these gay cops
will take your grief,
your rage, your fear
and use it
to further their agenda
Track Name: The Blood
as we stand
on this blood soaked land
built upon bodies
active forgetting
borders and prisons

I tell myself that:
I benefit from it,
i benefit from it,
i benefit from it,
how do you benefit?

Track Name: Circuit Party (with Softie)
addicted to rejection
addicted to social media
addicted to bareback loads

i'm so stupid
i'm the dumbest faggot at this party

your kidding me right?

like seriously, in all honesty
you can still feel your hole?

like you can still have sensations down there?
wow i'm jealous
i haven't been able to feel mine in days

i was going to say i really like your beard and your harness it was like the first thing I noticed when you walked into the room
do you like poppers? oh i don't like them but i have some
would you like some?

you think you're walking right away from society you take your pill so you can be free today tomorrow's far away
you're dancing on the floor with anxiety your heart starts to stutter stutter stutter
your heart starts to stutter and you see their face
and they look so happy
and all you want to do is grab them by the face
and tell them that you're happy
and that you wanna say "i feel so alive"
but i just feel so dead inside like all the time

and i know it won't be hard without you
you know i think i'm gonna be the loneliest person here
even when this bar closes
and probably for the rest of my life

addicted to novelty
addicted to processed food
addicted to empathy

addicted to validation
addicted to bareback loads
addicted to information

last chance to touch another human body
whats the point of sitting alone in your room?
Track Name: Rush (with Oblivia)
7 killed in twitter rampage
frozen clutches of social disaster
out here scrolling through screens like its
the end of the world

i dont like the person you’ve become
i dont like the person I've become either

this planet has caused me nothing but trouble
since i moved here
this world has caused me nothing but pain and grief

im not from here!
im not from here!
im not from here!

i just wanna feel the blood rush to my head
crush my body in a swift moment of disgust
i get rid of myself and shift in the ether
riding metal waves
i'll never forgive you
you could have your dignity back
but really whats the point in that?

the rush of it all
the widening core
the thrill of the fall
my cervix is sore
cum on my shoulder blades

im going through it all
im really going through it all

7 killed in twitter rampage
frozen clutches of social disaster
out here scrolling through screens like its
the end of the world

i dont like the people we've become
i dont like the people we've become
Track Name: Flesh Matrix (with Alli Logout)
Alli Logout:
it was beautiful really
though are thoughts were grounded in filth
we stopped worrying with dualisms
and the in betweens
and lived only for flesh, coded flesh

stability at this point became mechanical
just another part of a dead language in a dead culture
though thru this we still glamorized safety
like the kind in a child's eyes
unknowingly entering into a wireless world
with horrendous possibilities

the ego dissolving

pleasure is a title
destruction is survival

you were rocked by the hum of a television screen
ambivalent and gorgeous nonetheless
recognition software clinging softly to your back
when i'm logged on i forget

see the flaw in semiotics
and the pressure from robotics
they see you
they need you
they're coming

deprogramming oneself to learn to fuck gently to Sade

a master flaw in design
reckless, perfect, and alive

enter in the flesh matrix
just enter in flesh matrix
you have entered into the flesh matrix

human, animal, machine

the ego dissolving is ready to distract
the ego evolving is ready to attack
Track Name: Dehumanizer
dead meat,
the flesh that falls from me
it's true, it's true
the swollen lake
this water won't purify you
it's true, it's true

i want you
to dehumanize me
piss in all my orifices
make me not exist
i wonder if i will die here

all the things you do to survive

there's a troubled weight
clouding over my eyes
is it weariness over things to come?
or just from looking at my phone all day?

remember when we were young and taut?
are you scared now or apathetic?
lick the come from my ass
as i cringe on the hotel bed
Track Name: Empathy
all this talk of blood and iron
and the stink of piss and shit
i''ll hold you up
this world's on fire
i don't think that much time is left

all this talk of psychic warfare
and the threat of imminent death
can i hold you up or am i too selfish?
i don't think that much time is left